Rascal Flatts - Here

After the abomination that was "Bob That Head," anything Rascal Flatts released to the charts was going to be music to my ears.  Will the song be able to return the star Trio to the top of the charts?

After the abomination that was “Bob That Head,” which country radio smartly kept outside of the Top 10, virtually any song that Rascal Flatts released was going to be an improvement.  With their first “Greatest Hits” package coming out in about 7 weeks, Rascal Flatts has chosen to release “Here” as a single, the fifth off of the “Still Feels Good” album.  While “Here” is basically a re-write of “Bless The Broken Road,” it is the kind of song that will keep their fans happy.  I happen to like the song for what it is, but then again, I have liked the band since they came out (aside from “Bob That Head”).

“Here” is a shoo-in for the Top 10 and more than likely will return Rascal Flatts to the top of the charts, something that hasn’t happened in over a year, when “Take Me There” was on the top of the charts.