On The Charts: September 3, 2008

The latest Soundscan numbers are out and once again Kid Rock finds himself high on the charts with his nearly year old (non digitally released) album. There were also five new releases this week.  How did it all go down? read more to find out.

The Soundscan numbers were officially released today and Kid Rock continues to prove that if you put out a good product, people will buy your album.  Not available digitally as of yet (it will be on most digital outlets not named iTunes soon), “Rock N’ Roll Jesus,” thanks to the smash multi-format hit single “All Summer Long,” has been out for 47 weeks and over the last 10 or so, it’s steadily climbed up the charts selling about one million albums in the process to bring sales to nearly double platinum levels.  The Now That’s What I Call Music! series has proven to be one of the music industries easiest ways to make a quick buck every 6 months.  Now the series has crossed to the country audience with “Now that’s what I Call Country!” and the compilation debuts at 7th place on the overall charts (first on the country charts) with 50,147 units sold.

Rounding out the top country Soundscan albums this week are “Love On The Inside” from Sugarland holding steady in the Top 10 in its sixth week in the market at No. 8, Taylor Swift’s 97-week-old self-titled debut is at 24 and Jimmy Wayne debuts at 27 with “Do You Believe Me Now” (as his single of the same name tops the airplay charts this week).

Chart Place Artist  Album  This week Total
3 Kid Rock Rock 'N Roll Jesus 89,320 1,807,827
7 Now Country Now That's What I Call… 50,147 50, 177
8 Sugarland  Love On The Inside 46,699 746,286
24 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift 20,508 3,364,211
27 Jimmy Wayne Do You Believe Me Now 19,635 19,643

Other notable country albums to appear in the Top 50 of the charts this week is “Holler Back” by the Lost Trailers debuting at 32 (5th place on the country albums list) and Heidi Newfield’s 3-week-old album “What Am I Waiting For” at 38. Superstar Acts Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith and George Strait all round out the Top 10 Soundscan country albums with their respective latest releases (“Carnival Ride,” “35 Biggest Hits,” and “Troubadour”). 


Chart Place Artist  Album  This week Total
32 Lost Trailers Holler Back 13,226 13,251
38 Heidi Newfield What Am I Waiting For 11,758 77,560
42 Carrie Underwood Carnival Ride 10,878 2,309,257
45 George Strait Troubadour 10,257 527,150
46 Toby Keith 35 Biggest Hits 10,150 426,529

Way down  at 159th place on the charts we find the debut of Red dirt act Jason Boland & the Stragglers’ latest release “Comal County Blue.”  It debuts with 3,859 albums being sold (most of them digitally). Not too bad for a traditional-leaning country band without any major affiliations or hit songs. 

Next week’s charts will likely stay virtually the same as Rodney Crowell and Bruce Robison lead the new releases and both albums will not top the charts.