Taylor Swift - Love Story

Taylor Swift had a massively successful debut album and the time has come, after two years, for the release of her sophomore album "Fearless." "Love Story" is a guaranteed smash hit but does that make it worthwhile?

After the multi-platinum success that was her debut album, Taylor Swift has a lot to live up to with her sophomore album release.  Love Story” is the first single from “Fearless” and it actually sounds as if Taylor’s growing up as she sings a lyric about a young couple sneaking away for love and finding a story book ending in the process.

Using the images that little girls always love to envision (fairy tales) for love, Taylor and her producer Nathan Chapman have wrapped smartly-written lyrics up in a massively hook-filled, sugary confection of pop music.  Whereas Taylor Swift had to remix her songs for pop radio before, “Love Story” only has a banjo to mask it as a country song.  The thing that strikes me about the song is that it’s so sugary and Disney-like, with Taylor delivering a Leigh Nash-like vocal, that it reeks of a soundtrack song yet it will hit home with female (and many male fans) with its sweet story of young love.

Taylor Swift has delivered a massive single here.  While it’s debatable whether this song even should be released to country radio given its super pop-leaning arrangement, the fact that Taylor is country music’s Number One star of the moment ensures the song’s success on that chart.  I would also give 3-2 odds that this song blows up on pop radio as the song has the makings of a big hit there as well.

Listen to the song.

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