Shawna Russell - Should've Been Born With Wheels

Country music radio goes in cycles and it is common practice for country radio to balance the summertime up-tempo songs with recurrent ballads and do the opposite in the fall/winter seasons.  It is these exact times that new, unknown artists can strike with a new song that doesn’t fit the ‘new song mold.’   With its infectious melody, that’s exactly what happens with Oklahoma newcomer Shawna Russell’s “Should’ve Been Born With Wheels.”

Backed by punchy guitars, rollicking pianos and organs and a driving rhythmic beat, Russell passionately sings a song about a girl who has always dreamed of living on the road and being a sort of rambling woman.  It’s a fun song that really deserves a shot at country radio.  While the song doesn’t have any fiddles or steel guitars in the mix, there are no doubts that Russell is country.  With sea of sameness at country radio, Shawna Russell’s “Should’ve Been Born With Wheels” is a refreshing wave of tempo. 

Listen to the single.