Austin Law - Neon Halo

"Neon Halo" is the national debut for California band Austin Law.  Mixing in traditional country instrumentation and melodies, the band goes for the gusto with harmony vocals.  If this sounds like Diamond Rio's approach it is.  But can Austin Law match that gold standard?

The fall isn't typically the time a label decides to release a new band on to the scene yet that's exactly what's happening with Austin Law.  Formerly known as "Thunder Road," the band has recently released their national single debut (which is also the title of their just released CD) in "Neon Halo."  The production on the tune certainly presents the song as country music and when the vocals kick in, there's no dobuting the country pedigree of the tune.  Still, the vocals, while good, aren't anything special and while the California-based band certainly is angling at a Diamond Rio/Lonestar type of country music, they're not likely to get that much notice because of this song.

So to summarize "Neon Halo," It's a decent song but it isn't likely to kick this bar band into the national scene the way theyhope it will.