Aaron Watson - Love Makin' Song

Aaron Watson has developed a strong fanbase in Texas and that has allowed him to follow his own muse independent of a record label in Nashville. Despite that, "Love Makin' Song" may be his most commercial single yet.  Will it be a breakout hit for Amarillo's native son?

Amarillo's Aaron Watson supplies the third single from Angels and Outlaws, on the heels of "Hearts Are Breaking Across Texas," an effort that propelled him to #1 on his state's music chart. "Love Makin' Song" is much more spirited than the latter, using the craft of songwriting as an extended metaphor for good ol' cowboy boot-knockin'. Where this song's own writing gets a bit predictable, it certainly makes up for in energy...and effort. "We can kick it off slow with a bottle of wine or get straight to the old punchline," is the type of message listeners get with this song, which employs bold electric guitar playing, and that thick Texas melody Watson has delivered before. Although it's not reinventing the kama sutra, Watson delivers a guilty pleasure record that wins in presentation, where it lacks in premise.