Becky Schlegel - Jenny

Based in the Twin Cities, Becky Schlegel is known to fans of Prairie Home Companion and roots music devotees.  "Jenny" is the second national single release (after "Bound For Tennessee") from Schlegel's "For All The World To See" album.  Does it have a chance at radio? Is it any good?

Based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Becky Schlegel recently made some noise in the country music world when her debut album "For All The World To See" was released.  Upon listening to the album, I was immediately drawn to the story of “Jenny.”  With soft, understated production from multi-instrumentalist Brian Fesler, “Jenny” find Schlegel singing a melancholic lyric over a gorgeous traditional country/bluegrass melody.  Schlegel’s voice recalls Alison Krauss with hints of Dolly and Rhonda Vincent. 

If radio were truly brave, they’d give a song like this a shot in the mainstream.  Unfortunately, corporate radio isn’t always brave.  Still, that doesn’t stop this song from being a hit in my own world and put on my iPod radio list along with the latest Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood or Toby Keith single.  In fact, my play list is all the better for having a quality song like “Jenny” included in the mix.  Do yourself a favor and go to iTunes or other digital music retailers and buy this song or better yet, buy the whole “For All The World To See” album.  It’s that good.

Listen to "Jenny."

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Support the artist.  Buy the song.