Todd O'Neill - Cajun Queen

With a plethora of handsome country singers with marginal talent gaining record deals nationally, it's nice to know true singers like Tood O'Neill are out there.  "Cajun Queen" is the second single from his new Aria Records Nashville release"Real Life."  Does the song do enough to stand out?

Country music has seemingly been overtaken with the belief that looks should outweigh the ability to sing.  Fortunately for Hammond, Louisiana native Todd O’Neill, he has both the talent and the looks to succeed in contemporary county music.  After releasing the vocally powerful ballad “Can I Come Over Tonight,” Todd has chosen to release the playful “Cajun Queen” to radio. 

Written by Todd, DJ Scott Innes, Lousiana DJ Nelson Blanchard and Jim Hogg, the song finds Todd singing about all the qualities that make a woman the center of his own world.  It’s sort of a “Rock My World, Little Country Girl” update but set in the delta of Louisiana.  The song features strong production from Jim Allison that firmly accentuates the star of the whole song: O’Neill’s voice.  It’s a voice that reminds me, in parts, of Vince Gill.  While this song is released by the small indie label Aria Records Nashville, Todd O’Neill is a big-league talent whose album, “Real Life,” is full of impressive contemporary country music.