Jimmy Wayne - I Will

In the music business, a break of six months can have detrimental consequences on your career.  But Jimmy Wayne, an eternal optimist, didn't give up and foproceeded to score his first career #1 single after four years off the charts.  "I Will" is his next single but will it be able to find similar success?

With “Do You Believe Me Now” Jimmy Wayne’s four year exile from the music charts ended with a multiple-week Number One hit and an album of the same name.   One of the things that instantly brought Jimmy back to the top of the charts was the different sonic textures in the production of Dave Pahanish and Joe West (who co-wrote the hit song).  Pahanish has teamed up with Joey+Rory’s Rory Lee Feek for the second single from the album, “I Will.” 

While the production of the song is definitely on the pop side of the equasion, “I Will” certainly has a country lyric. The lyric finds Wayne befuddled about the woman of his dreams not thinking of him in the same glowing terms.  Rather than being the ‘wuss’ about it, he’s ‘manned up’ and let her go.  Still, despite choosing the high road, he proceeds to tell her on her way out that he’ll be there for her if she ever wants to come back.  It’s a lyric that, on the surface wouldn’t deliver such subtleties, particularly if you’re a guy who hasn’t been the end of a ‘didn’t see it coming’ break-up. 

While men are often seeing as the curt and un-attached part of the human species, men have feelings as well.  Men are also very easily blinded by love and when hit the way Wayne’s character is in this song; our first reaction is to say exactly what is said in this song.  It is also a sentiment, whether they would admit it or not, that women feel better about, even as they’re breaking a guy’s heart.  Jimmy Wayne has his second consecutive hit with this song.  He also may have his first Adult Top 40 hit with the song as it definitely has a wide appeal (not to mention production that’s ripe for airplay on those stations).