Alan Jackson - Country Boy

Calling all country boys!  Alan Jackson has delivered the latest single from his "Good Time" album with the release of "Country Boy." Along with a review of the single, click through the image above to find out how you can be in the video. 

Alan Jackson has crafted many singes over the years and "Country Boy" is but another strong song that certainly sounds like a vintage song from his previous albums.  Actually, it's quite similar to "Where I Come From" lyrically and melodically.  The lyrics run down a list of what it is to be a country boy in Alan Jackson's world.  It's a song that's tailor-made for country radio and in the sea of ballads at radio right now, that's all Alan needs to ensure himself another hughely successful single.

Alan Jackson has given fans the unique opportunity to be in his new Country Boy video.  click the image above to find out more details.