Thompson Square - Not Far Enough

New country music duo Thomspon Square features the husband and wife team of Shawna and Kiefer Thompson.  Together the duo have created a catchy debut tune in "Not Far Enough."  Does it go far enough to entice radio and fans enough to want to listen to the song over and over?

With meaty production that reminds me of the Jayhawks, the husband and wife duo of Thompson Square has come out of the gates with an inviting debut single.  Shawna sings the leads while Kiefer Thompson ably provides harmony vocals that blend qute well with Shawna's.  The lyrics in "Not Far Enough" find Shawna singing about not being able to outrun the memory of an old flame. No matter where she goes, she is haunted by that memory.  While the song may have some trouble catching on at corporate radio stations, the talented duo of Thompson Square certainly have delivered a single worthy of being played.