John Rich Records song for John McCain

John Rich has been known to be opiniated about many topics including politics so it's natural that he would announce his support for John McCain via a song. But is it any good?

Country Music and politics seemingly have gone hand to hand for decades now yet I am still amazed when an artist pledges public support for a politician who's running for office. Given his conservative nature it's not really surprising that John Rich has chosen to support John McCain. As much as I wanted to dislike this song, I couldn't. As far as campeign songs go, it's a damn good one. Particularly since it's not even two-and-a-half minutes long. Not only that, it's actually country. Sure, there's a driving rock slant to the song but it's still packed with fiddles, honky tonk piano and a strong vocal. Lyrically, it may be about McCain but there isn't anything hokey in the song other than the title.

I may not agree with all of John Rich's politics or with what he says about some stuff, but I have to give him credit for creating a catchy song. He also deserves kudos for giving it to the presidental candidate he is backing. Not only is he giving it to McCain, John is also giving away the mp3 on his website along with the lyrics to the song. My biggest question would be if Big Kenny's gonna release an Obama song? Or perhaps one of Music Row's many democrats will commision one to 'compete' with this one.


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