Kate & Kasey Coppola - You're Not My Judge

To say that Kate and Kasey Coppola had a rought time with Naomi Judd on CMT's "Can You Duet" would be putting things lightly. Naomi simply came off as quite bitter about the duo. Freshly signed to Big Machine Records, the duo has released "You're Not My Judge" in response. It's an int

Naomi Judd was not a fan of Kate & Kasey Coppola from the very first time she saw the twin sisters sing on Can You Duet. She thought they were fake and constantly was quite bitchy about the Colorado natives trying to sing country. To be blunt, Naomi seemed to be quite bitter about the beautiful twins being on the show. Her criticism of these girls was more critical and unwarranted than anything John Rich said to a Nashville Star contestant. It seemed as if Naomi had a vendetta against the girls.

Kate & Kasey must have thought so too because the twins have released “You’re Not My Judge” in response to her. With twin fiddles and banjos driving the intro to the song, the twins start singing and showcase immediately that they have the one thing that cannot be faked: family harmony. Vocally they’re quite bluesy and it’s kind of fun to hear this kind of song come out. While the song is obviously about Naomi that doesn’t mean that the hook of “You’re Not My Judge” cannot be placed in multiple people’s own lives when dealing with rude people or tough situations in their lives.

This song may not be a hit for the duo but it does leave me kind of excited to hear what their album will sound like if they can write (or find) songs like this to sing.