Sugarland Scores Number One Album and Single

The first week of August 2008 is a week Sugarland will never forget. In addition to seeing their album rise to #1 on the Billobard Top 200 Albums chart, the duo's single "All I Want To Do," which Bobby Pinson co-wrote, topped the Billboard/R&R Hot Country Songs chart as well. In a

Sugarland saw "Love On The Inside" debut at the 2nd spot on the Billboard Top 200 charts in the last week of July as the album's debut single also was in a holding pattern at Number Two on the Hot Country Songs chart. Sugarland had a better week this week, the first week of August as their album moved past Miley Cyrus' "Breakout" to land the top spot on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart. In addition, Sugarland's single "All I Want To Do" hit the top of Billboard Hot Country Singles chart while their previous album "Enjoy The Ride" was the fifth best selling country album this past week.

Taylor Swift held onto the number two and three places on the charts with her self-titled debut album and her Wal-Mart exclusive "Beautiful Eyes CD/DVD combo pack. Toby Keith took home the fourth highest charting album of the week as he moved 15,844 more copies of the double disc "35 Biggest Hits" collection.

Chart Place Artist Album This week Total
1 Sugarland Love On The Inside 171,383 485,117
12 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift 31,068 3,263,800
16 Taylor Swift Beautiful Eyes 26,233 105,998
26 Toby Keith 35 Biggest Hits 15,844 376,460
35 Sugarland Enjoy The Ride 12,989 2,381,153

Veteran country star Randy Travis continues to sell his new album "Around The Bend" moderately well despite it not featuring any radio hits while newcomers Lady Antebellum and Julianne Hough continue to steadily sell copies of their self-titled debut albums while superstars The Eagles have moved 6,800 more copies of their double-disc Wal-Mart exclusive album "Long Road Out of Eden." Blake Shelton's "Pure BS" moved 6,000 more units but the albums underwhelming performance may be the reason for his label ditching other songs from it in favor of a new single from an upcoming album.

Chart Place Artist Album This week Total
74 Randy Travis Around The Bend 7,621 48,623
84 Julianne Hough Julianne Hough 6,964 178,621
90 The Eagles Long Road out of Eden 6,809 3,053,200
100 Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum 6,252 202,125
104 Blake Shelton Pure BS 6,007 367,932

Next week sees the release of three albums by Keith Anderson, Heidi Newfield and award-winning songwriter Jamey Johnson. The odds are against any of them unseating Sugarland from the top but it's not without the realm of possibility that the three could sell more albums than Taylor Swift or Toby Keith. It should be an interesting week.