On The Charts: August 13

Heidi Newfield lead the pack of new releases at country radio this week with her solo debut "What Am I Waiting For" landing at #2 on the country chart while Keith Anderson's "C'mon" landed third. Sugarland continued to lead the pack with "Love on the Inside."

Sugarland, who enjoyed having the #1 album on the Hot 200 Albums chart last week while simultaneously having the #1 single with “All I Want To Do” continued to have the #1 selling country album but fell to third place on the overall charts behind Decca’s “Mamma Mia” soundtrack and Miley Cyrus’ “Breakout.” Fourth on the charts was Kid Rock with his “Rock N Roll Jesus” record. Not available digitally, the album sales have been driven by the multi-format summertime smash “All Summer Long,” which is currently sitting at 13 on Billboard’s “Hot Country Songs” chart. The song has helped a 44-week-old album sell nearly 500,000 albums in the last month alone.

Heidi Newfield scored a Top 10 Hot 200 Albums chart debut with “What Am I Waiting For” while coming in second behind Sugarland on the Hot Country Albums chart. Keith Anderson was right behind her with his sophomore album C’MON! placing at twelfth and third on both charts, respectively. Jamey Johnson’s “That Lonesome Song” debuted at twenty-eith on the album chart and sixth on the country chart with more than 16,000 albums sold.

Taylor Swift’s continued to hold court with the fourth and fifth best selling country albums of the week with her self-titled and “Beautiful Eyes” set. With the release date of her sophomore album slated for November 11, 2008, 2008 may be the best year of Taylor’s still growing career as “Taylor Swift” the album is the fifth-best selling album of the year. She also scored her second Number One hit with “Shoud’ve Said No” on the Hot Country Songs chart this week.

Chart Place Artist Album This week Total
3 Sugarland Love On The Inside 91,429 576,542
4 Kid Rock Rock 'N Roll Jesus 90,310 1,516,191
10 Heidi Newfield What Am I Waitig For 34,417 34,430
12 Keith Anderson Keith Anderson 31,936 32,248
16 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift 28,041 3,291,74

Meanwhile, in other chart news, Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” has officially gone gold with over 500,000 albums scanned while Miranda Lambert’s gold debut “Crazy-Ex Girlfriend” continues to sell well as it moved 10,000 more units. Carrie Underwood’s “Carnival Ride” may not have sold as much as Taylor Swift as of late but it’s still moved 2.275 million units as of yet. Considering the fact that it is only at Wal-Mart and over a couple years old, the fact that Tim McGraw’s double greatest hits package has sold remarkably well with over 150,000 units sold as of this week.

Chart Place Artist Album This week Total
28 Jamey Johnson That Lonesome Song 16,924 16,924
52 Alan Jackson Good Time 10,169 506,409
53 Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 10,082 534,851
54 Carrie Underwood Carnival Ride 9,954 2,275,367
97 Tim McGraw Greatest Hits 1 & 2 6,172 150,107

Next week will likely see Taylor Swift rise back to #2 on the charts as no major releases are due to be released.