Chad Brock - Redneck In The White House

Chad Brock scored a couple of Top 5 hits between 1999 and 2001 but he decided to sign on as a Tampa area country radio morning show host. Now trying to get back in country radio, Chad has released a topical single but will it be taken seriously or is this just despar

Chad Brock scored a couple of hit singles in 1998 to 2001 but quickly faded away as his song choices seemed to be devoid of anything resembling a personality while the man himself had a big, gregarious personality that is now showcased daily as a morning show co-host (formerly with Cledus T. Judd) on Tampa country station WQYK. After a brief partnership with a couple country labels, Chad’s back with a song that reeks of morning show desperation.

There’s just nothing really nice to say about “Put A Redneck In The White House” other than the musicians played on it as well as anyone could. The lyrics might make for a good album cut but does Chad seriously think he’ll get back on the radio with this? He even tries to get people to go to his website at the end of the song. Doesn’t he know that nobody will play a song with a website address in it as it is free advertising?

While the song is topical in a way, many would argue that America already has a redneck in the white house (or that the last two were rednecks). So, basically, there is nothing remotely interesting about this song. I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time to write about it, nobody cares outside of a few laughing morning zoo jocks and I guess Chad Brock.