Jake Owen - Don't Think I Can't Love You

Jake Owen is one of the stronger vocalists to emerge on the country music scene in the last few years. With the success of two big hit singles, Owen is back with his newest single, "Don't Think I Can't Love You." Does it have a chance to be a big hit?

RCA Records' Jake Owen scored three hits off of his debut album "Starting With Me" (the title track, "Yee Haw" and "Something About A Woman") and is back with the debut single from his sophomore album. Possessing a strong, baritone voice that is nothing but country, Jake has taken on a song in "Don't Think I Can't Love You" that has echoes of some of the best songs of Trace Adkins' career. Melodically, “Don’t Thin I Can't Love You" features a bluesy musical vibe while Owen sings lyrics that have been said a bunch of times before. Despite the everyday sameness of the lyrics, Owen sings the words passionately and has delivered a solid contemporary country single.

The problem with Jake Owen is that he, like Josh Turner, has the vocal ability to sing hard-core traditional country songs and with that ability, he could help bring that part of the country music genre back. This song, while undeniably country, isn't one of those songs. Still, it's also far from the worst song released to country radio.