Faith Hill - A Baby Changes Everything

When it was announced that Faith Hill was going to release a Christmas album this year, it seemed like a natural and inevitable event.  With her voice, how can she go wrong.  Well, How about releasing a single from it in early September?

Faith Hill is set to release her first Christmas (“Joy To The World”) album on September 30 and as a preview to it, Faith has released the only new song from it, “A Baby Changes Everything” as a single.  In typical late-career fashion, the song finds Faith stretching her impressive vocals with a soaring chorus that’s backed by the Nashville String Machine.  The song starts understated in the beginning and the crescendo to the Gospel chorus singing about the birth of Jesus is impressive.

The only problem with the song is that it’s the beginning of fall, a full two months before Halloween.  There’s simply no room for a Christmas song on country radio this soon.  I do think the song is good as far as new holiday songs go (though I prefer the traditional ones) and it will be played A LOT on the radio by all Christmas music playing stations (AC, where the song WILL go #1, CCM and Country stations).  CCM stations might even play the song now as it does feel like a ‘worship’ song to some extent.  It’s a good song, it’s just not even remotely country. At all.