Little Big Town - Fine Line

Little Big Town returns with their first single since moving from Equity to Capitol Records. Echoing hits from the past, "Fine Line" is the lead track from their third album "A Place To Land."

"Fine Line" uses abstraction to recount those subtleties in budding relationships. Whether walking the line between friends and lovers, like and love, or temporary and long-term, this song welcomes any awkward relationship dynamic to its accessible writing and earnest delivery. With guitar chords that are a bit Rock-influenced in the vein of Small Faces or R.E.M., the song also relies on its delivery and picking to remind the listener of its Country base. Clever development allows the singer to get progressively more needy or pleading as the song carries. Although it caters primarily to the female dynamic of a relationship, this is feel good Pop that certainly makes a deserving play for a Top 40 late summer hit.