James Otto - For You

James Otto has a big voice to match his larger-than-life stature. After the success of "Just Got Started Loving You" it would have been easy for his label to release the 'stereotypical' summertime radio single. Fortunately for us, the label didn't do that and instead released "For You."

James Otto struck gold the last time out with his first number one hit "Just Got Started Lovin' You" and rather than follow conventional wisdom at radio by releasing a song full of driving tempo for the summertime, James and his label have decided instead to release "For You." Written by Jim Brown and Liz Hengber, "For You" features 'been said before' lyrics but the song is saved by Otto's strong, soulful vocal delivery. He injects a passionate delivery over Jay DeMarcus' (of Rascal Flatts) strong production. The steel guitar moans in the appropriate spots while cascading strings in the background complete the 'wall of sound' traditional country elements. While this song may struggle at radio this time of year, it should still cement James Otto's status as country music's go-to-guy for country soul.

Radio certainly has played the hell out of aritsts of lesser talent, hopefully they will allow James Otto to be more than a one or two hit 'wonder.'

Listen to it here.