James Stroud Signs Darryl Worley to New Label

Perhaps the third time will be the charm. James Stroud announced the opening of Stroudavarious Records. The first artist to be signed by the label is Darryl Worley, who was with Stroud at the old DreamWorks Nashville label.

Already successful at launching and running Giant Records and DreamWorks Nashville, veteran record producer James Stroud today announced the opening of his third record label, Stroudavarious Records. While Both Giant Nashville and DreamWorks Nashville were successful (including the launching of the careers of artists like Clay Walker and fostering the superstar growth of Toby Keith's career), they were also started under corporate umbrellas. For example, Universal Music Group shuttered DreamWorks in 2005 after acquiring it in 2003, and Stroud became co-CEO of UMG Nashville with Luke Lewis. Stroud left UMGN in early 2007.

"Even though the business model of the music industry changes, the one constant has been the importance of the artists and their songs," Stroud said in a prepared statement. "The vision of Stroudavarious Records will be for the creativity to take precedent and allow the music to take care of the business."

Stroudavarious marks Stroud's first forray into the indie music world with the label's creation. The label has signed a distribution agreement with Red Distribution and while no official announcements have been made industry speculation is that former DreamWorks artist Darryl Worley will be the label's flagship artist.

Worley was most recently signed to 903 Records where he released "Here And Now." Interestingly, the album had a song that criticized his time within the DreamWorks arena. His first single for the label will most likely be "Tequila On Ice."