Phil Vassar - I Would

Phil Vassar was a popular songwriter in the late 1990s and saw his career take off earlier this decade.   He recently transferred from Arista Nashville to Universal Records South.  "I Would" is the 2nd single from "Prayer of a Common Man" but does it have enough to go top 10?

Bluegrass elements come alive in Phil Vassar's "I Would." That piano and string play of this tune goes far beyond its singing and songwriting. Vassar's verses are predictable in this song about wishing to be the person a partner seeks. "If I could say goodbye and face it/ Take the pain and just erase it" is an example of the nursery-rhyme like timing in the singing, and the simplicity of the songwriting that holds it back. Perhaps it is not just the writing, but the thinner voice and sophomoric delivery that puts the art on weak display. Nonetheless, the music behind the lyrics shines as this tune rides a predictable avenue.