Jeff Bates - Riverbank

The beautiful thing about country music is it's ability to reflect real emotions and are true to life. "Riverbank" from Jeff Bates is one of those songs. See what Roughstock had to say about the new single.

For anyone who has ever had a special bond with a parent, "Riverbank" is likely to hit home. It finds Jeff Bates singing about his father and all of the special memories he had while fishing. It's his favorite thing to do with his father because they get to discuss all of the things in the world that may be troubling them. The sad part of the song is that now those moments are gone because Jeff's not at the riverbank but at a funeral for his father. Rather than sit and mope about the loss, he does the one thing he knows will help him feel better; he goes fishing. Jeff Bates (with his co-writers Robert Arthur and Kirk Roth) has crafted a song that reminds us that we can still go do the things we used to do with those we love, even if they're not physically with us. Whether they are dead and gone or just in another part of the country and world, the activity will make us feel closer to those them.