Kenny Chesney - Everybody Wants to go to Heaven

Kenny Chesney has been tied to the islands for almost a decade now. With his latest single he returns to the sound that helped him become a superstar. Has he started to sound homogenous?

Kenny Chesney recently has shipped this new single to radio. It’s the first single from his new “Blue Chair Records” label in partnership with longtime label BNA Records. As far as intro singles, it’s not exactly what I’d choose to lead his “Lucky Old Sun” album with. The melody of “Everybody Wants To Go Heaven” finds Kenny back at the beach. This is the type of song that Kenny’s done for so long now that it’s hard to remember the time when he seemed like the next in line behind George Strait in building a long career. 

While this song is guaranteed to be a hit because of who is singing it, I am holding out hope that it isn’t indicative of what to expect from the album. I know I probably shouldn’t expect anything less but somehow I still expect more from Kenny Chesney.