Chad Hudson - Somebody Find Me A Preacher

What happens when you hear a new song on the radio but have no clue who sings it? If you are like me you go to the internet and look the song up. We get the feeling that many people may be doing just that with Chad Hudson's debut single for Robbins Nashville.

Starting off with some southern soaked R&B notes "Somebody Find Me A Preacher" I expected the voice I heard to be velvety smooth and was ready to rip into the song. But Austin's Chad Hudson sang. With a gravelly voice that recalls Brett Warren of the Warren Brothers in the verses and Trent Willmon in the chorus, Chad certainly doesn't sound like a cookie-cutter singer. The song's lyrics (Written By Shane Minor and Wendell Mobley) have been written many ways before but the hook, "Somebody Find Me A Preacher," is immediate, memorable and it is enough to sell the song. The song is a text-book Nashville production but Hudson's passionate vocal and that chorus really sell the track.

Hudson is the third artist signed to Robbins Nashville, after Rockie Lynne and Joshua Stevens. The label really seems to be finding very good artists. Now they just need to get an artist to catch at radio and "Somebody Find Me A Preacher" sounds like the song to do it. You can purchase this song on iTunes if you so desire.