Rascal Flatts - Bob That Head

Rascal Flatts has been using the "Bob That Head" theme for their 2008 concert tour so it was probably inevitable that the star trio would release it as their summer single. That being said, is it any good?

With a pop-influenced sound and shrewd song choices, the Rascal Flatts trio of Jay DeMarcus, Joe Don Rooney and lead vocalist Gary Levox became superstars rather quickly. Now at a point in their career where they can release any single and see it hit the Top 10 at country radio, Rascal Flatts has been peddling "Bob That Head" as the theme song to their 2008 concert tour.

Now the song is their latest single from the "Still Feels Good" album. While the song makes for a good sing-along song live and works as a road trip song, there are other songs off of that record that would work much better as a radio single. It's not a song l wish to hear over and over but having seen the group sing it live at the CMA Music Festival (Levox was actually singing well that night), I can see where fans will request the hell out of it since they loved it there. There's nothing really good about the song and the list-like, double-entendre-filled, pseudo-rap lyrics are quite trite and tedious. Also, this won't play well with the tightly controlled bible-belt stations who typically have supported Rascal Flatts.

As Forest Gump once said, that's all I've got to say about that.