Tracy Lawrence – “Alibis”


By Tracey Lawerence
>From the CD… Alibis
Atlantic Recording Studios)
Note: To be played with the second fret capoed.

Thanks to Alice Franceschini ( for her support &
THAT is what this whole scene is about.

D Bm

D Bm G A
She knows every move that a man could make
D Bm G A
She knows every trick in the book
D Bm
She knows how to give
Em G
She knows how to take
Em A
‘Cause so many times she’s been taken and fooled by those….

D Bm D
Cho… Alibis and lyin’ eyes and all the best lines
G G/F# Em A
Lord knows she’s heard ‘em all
D Bm D
She’s been cheated on and pushed around and left alone
G G/F# Em
Lord knows what I’ve put her through
A Em A
Boy you can bet if a move can be made
Em A D Bm
She knows how to make one on you

D Bm G A
She once thought that love wasn’t just a game
D Bm G A
Her feelin’s once came from the heart
D Bm Em G
One day I gave her a weddin’ ring
Em A
One night I tore all those feelings apart with my…..



Chords Used

D x00232
Bm 224432
Em 022000
G/F# 2xx003
A 002220
G 320003

Dan Nicholas
Heldan Enterprises