stone doug – “warning labels-crd”


Subject: Doug Stone – Warning Labels

I [E]begged her to stay I said g[A]ive me one more [E]try.
But she said it’s over then [F#]she said good[B7]bye
Now I’m at the bar trying to [A]wash away the [E]pain
But every time I hear the Jukebox
The t[B]ears fall like rain Chorus They ought to p[A]ut warning labels on those s[E]ad country s[C#m]ongs
H[E]armful & to your heart, when your le[F#]ft all al[B7]one
And if you’re [A]drinking’ you’ll start thinking of the l[E]ove that went [C#m]wrong
They ought to [E]put warning labels on those s[B]ad country s[E]ongs. T[E]hey warned me about cigarettes, [A]whiskey and [E]beer, no one
Ever warned me about the [F#]music I hear. [B7]I don’t gu[E]ess I wouldn’t
Listen to what they s[A]aid an[E]yway but at least I’ve been ready when the f[B]irst
Sad song p[E]lays. Repeat Chorus There’s nothing [A]harder on the heart then ol’ [E]Haggard and J[C#m]ones
They ought to [E]put warning labels on those s[B7]ad country s[A]ongs. Enjoy !! Tex –