stone doug – “jukebox with country sound-crd”


Subject: Song Submission

Artist: Doug Stone

A special thanks to everyone on the net that rounded up the title and
words to this song. I received over twenty answers to my posting.
The power of the internet is awesome. I play this with my Bar across
the 5TH fret. Regards

(C) After three good years together we had our first (F) fight.
So she went to her (C) mother’s and I went for a (G7) drive.
Down that (C) old familiar highway just few miles out of (F) town.
To that run-down, one-room (C) tavern that used to (G7) be my
stompin’ (C) grounds.

(C) When I pulled into the driveway everything still looked the
(F) same. And I couldn’t wait to (C) down a few and hear that
jukebox (G7) ring. But when I (C) walked in through the doorway
there stood some kind of maitre-(F)d. and he looked me up and he
(C) looked me down and said, (G7) “Can I help you (C) please?”

And I said.

CHORUS: (C) What’d you do with those (F) swingin’ doors? And where’s
the sawdust (C) on the floor? Why’s everybody wearin’ them
(G7) suits and ties? From where I stand I can’t (C) believe my eyes.
And whose idea was it to (F) hang these ferns? This brand-new bar
don’t have a (C) single burn. I guess I’m somewhere that I (G7) don’t
belong. I need a jukebox with a (F) country (C) song.

(C) When I looked back in the corner where the jukebox once stood
(F) proud. Some clown was playin’ (C) records… to fast, to long
and to (G7) loud. Well it (C) must’ve been a big mistake to try to
speak my (F) mind. But as they were askin’ (C) me to leave, I cried
(G7) out one more (C) time. Repeat CHORUS:

(C) I guess I don’t (G7) belong without a jukebox and a (F) country
(C) song.