stone doug – “in a different light-tab”


Subject: In a Different Light- Doug Stone

In a Different Light F C Bb Gm7
By: Doug Stone |-1–0–1—3—–
Key of F |-2–0–3—3—–
Intro: F C Bb F Bb |-3–3–1—5—–
F C Bb C
Every morning I watch you walk into the office
Bb C
In your business suit and matching shoes
F C Bb C
With your hair put up neatly you tug at your glasses
Bb C
And you you sit down, just three desks down
Bb F Gm7
And I watch you in the fluorescent glare
Bb C
And my mind drifts away somewhere

F C Bb F
And I see you in a different light
Bb F Bb C
With your hair falling down, with love in your eyes
F C Bb F
In my mind, you’re a beautiful sight
Bb F Gm7
I see you in a different light
Bb C F
Just the way I say you last night

F C Bb C
Well there’s girls at the office the guys always notice
Bb C
When they walk by, but you’re not the type
F C Bb C
They don’t know what I know, how some things just don’t show
Bb C
Through tailored tweats, and that’s fine with me
Bb F Gm7
Let them all think what they want to
Bb C
As for me when I look at you

Chorus (I see you….)
Solo- F C Bb F Bb F Bb C F C Bb F Bb C F
Chorus (Baby it’s you….)
Chorus (It’s you…. (fade))
Jason A. Wendtland