Robert Earl Keen – “Happy Holidays Y’all”


Written by: Robert Earl Keen

Key of D (played in C, capo on 2nd fret)

(G) (ascending bass to C)

(C)There is a Barbie doll in the gravy boat up (F)on momâs TV set
(C)An angel made of Styrofoam holds (D)Ritaâs (G)cigarette
(C)Santa waves an empty beer (F)in his plastic hand
(C)Everyone is here again, itâs (G)Christmastime again

You know the kids are in their sleepinâ bags with every kind of toy
And Ken and Kay have hit the hay in dadâs new La-Z-Boy
Fran has got a cozy spot beneath the Christmas tree
Sittinâ in his underwear drunk as he can be

chorus 1
(F)Last night we stuffed our stockings and (C)hung the mistletoe
(F)When Santa Claus came knocking, he (D)looked like Uncle (G)Joe
(C)Someone put the coffee on and (F)find the Tylenol
(F)Merry Christmas (C)everyone, (G)Happy Holidayâs (C)yaâll

Of course old dad got mom a flannel robe and Ken a socket set
Mom got Kay a super value pack of Nicorette
And Kay got Ken a NordicTrack and a new guitar for me
Ken got sister Spanish speaking lessons on CD

chorus 2
(F)Last night we all sang ãJingle Bellsä and (C)opened up our hearts
(F)This morning our house looks like hell or (D)possibly Wal-(G)Mart
(C)Someone clean the gravy boat and (F)dress the Barbie doll
(C)Merry Christmas everyone, Happy (F)Holidayâs yaâll
(F)Weâre makinâ mimosas on the deck and (C)packinâ the U-haul
(C)Merry Christmas everyone, God (G)bless us one and (C)all



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