Pop Eckler – “Money, Marbles & Chalk”

Written and recorded by Pop Eckler

INTRO: [G] Money, marbles and [D] chalk sweetheart ………
( [A7] notes to last line of chorus [D] )

There’s an old [G] sayin’ that’s [D] been all around
I [A7] heard it before I could [D] walk
How some’s got [G] health and [D] some’s got wealth
Others [A7] money, marbles and [D] chalk.

I got [G] money, marbles and [D] chalk, sweetheart
But I [A7] still feel like I am [D] poor
‘Cause my money won’t [G] spend
And my [D] marbles won’t roll
And my [A7] chalk won’t write any-[D] more.

While you were here I was happy and gay
Your presence made me feel so proud
But you – left me for another one day
Now I feel alone in a crowd.


TALK: (same chord progression)
You know folks, money is a funny thing
Just like marbles, it rolls both ways; to you and from you
Strange isn’t it? how all your friends will pass you by
When you havent got a dime; When you got money, hah!
There isn’t enough chalk in the world to write down
The names of all of your so-called fair-weather friends
Many of us have been up and down many times
And our friends keep rolling back and forth
Just like a handful of marbles on a teeter-totter
And my [A7] chalk won’t write any-[D] more.

Money, marbles and chalk is all right
For misers who love only gold
But give me a chance to save our romance
For I love you with all of my soul.

Chorus: (2x)