Gary Allan - "Mess Me Up"

Read The Lyrics to the single written by Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally. The song was Produced by Gary Allan, Ross Copperman and Greg Droman and was released as a single in May of 2017.

Twist that knife
Come on, make it hurt
Make me go out in a field, light a fire and just watch it burn
Stand me up on a Friday night
Tell me you love me then tell me that you’ve changed your mind

Mess me up
Make me drink too much wine and
Get out my guitar around 2 in the morning
Keep me up all night
Thinkin’ that every headlight I see might be some car that you’re in
Call my phone and hang up
Leave me here wonderin’ what
In the hell you keep doin’
Yeah, ruin me girl, mess me up

Make me punch a wall
Make me slam a few doors
Kiss some stranger just ‘cause she had eyes that were kinda like yours
Just show up
Then spend the night
Leave your coat, leave no note, girl, be gone by the daylight

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby, don’t take it easy on me
I guess this is how it’s gotta be
I want what I want
I don’t care if it’s not what I need
Mess me up, come on, mess me up

(Repeat Chorus)

Mess me up
Come on, mess me up
Mess me up

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