Little Big Town - "When Someone Stops Lovin' You"

Still gotta walk into a crowded room with the radio on
Crack a smile and crack a beer like it don't bother you
Like it ain’t your song, that’s on
Still gotta cross the bridge to get to work
The one by her place
Make it through the nine-to-five like it don't hurt
It goes that way

When someone stops lovin' you
It don't make the evenin' news
It don't keep the sun from risin'
The clock from windin'
Your heart from beatin'
Even when you want it to
When someone stops lovin' you

Still gotta button-up your collared shirt
The one she used to button down
And sleep on the mattress where her body left a curve
Or maybe just the couch
Still gotta keep her number in your phone
In case she calls back
One night when she's drunk and all alone
Yeah, you pray for that

(Repeat Chorus)

The hardest part about it is
There ain't a switch that you can flip
‘Cause you can't stop lovin' them
When someone stops lovin’ you

(Repeat Chorus )

When someone stops lovin' you

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