Dierks Bentley - "RISER"

Written by Travis Meadows and Steve Moakler. Produced by Ross Copperman. Released as a single in June 2015 by Capitol Nashville from the 2014 album "Riser."

Lay your pretty head down on my shoulder
You don’t have to worry anymore
This old world is cold and gettin’ colder
And I know how to lock and bolt the door
I’m strong enough to hold you through the winter
Mean enough to stare your demons down
The hard times put the shine into the diamond
I won’t let that keep us in the ground

I’m a riser
I’m a get up off the ground, don’t run and hider
Pushin’ comes to shove, and hey, I’m a fighter
When darkness comes to town, I’m a lighter
A get out aliver of the fire

If we ain’t got no money I can make it
And I ain’t afraid of workin’ to the bone
When I don’t know what I’m doin’, I can fake it
I’ll pray ‘til Jesus rolls away the stone

Repeat Chorus

I’m a tryer, I’m a get down low so I can lift you higher
An army couldn’t keep down my desire, yeah

Repeat Chorus

I’m a riser (X3)

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