Dexter Roberts - "Dream About Me"

Written by Dexter Roberts, David Jones, Brad Wolf, Don Goodman and Erik Nelson. Released by First Launch Records in March 2015.

I remember that summer day
The suns shining on your face
You were weearin' them jeans just right
i've never seen a prettier sight
You were singing that Dixie Chicks song
Sounded so good I sang along
Everytime I close my eyes
I fall in love one more time

Do you dream about me
When you close your eyes and you fall asleep?
Is your night filled with your memories?
Do you're live from the first kiss to the last one?
Do you miss how it used to be?
Do you dream about me?

And I remember that crazy night
When I 'bout got in that fight
Some guy tried to steal my girl
I said, "fella, I'm gonna rock your world"
You said it kinda turned you on
Because I was actin' so big and strong
Baby, I can count the times
You've been on my mind

Repeat Chorus

Now all the could've beens, and should've beens
Are keeping me awake
If I could see you one more time I'd look at you and say...

Repeat Chorus

©2015 Honky Tonk Skool Music (BMI)/Morris Bedell Publishing (BMI)/Sounds and More Publishing (ASCAP)/First Launch Publishing (ASCAP). Dexter Roberts - "Dream About Me"