Josh Turner - "Lay Low"

Written by Ross Copperman, Tony Martin and Mark Nesler. Produced by Frank Rogers. Released in September 2014 by MCA Nashville.

I wanna drive until my cell phone
Runs out of range and every bar is gone
Cut through the woods another hundred miles
And disappear for a while

I wanna hear raindrops fallin’ down on an old tin roof
I wanna find a front porch rail and prop up my travelin’ boots
See your silhouette in that firelight
Feel your body lyin’ next to mine
Spend a few days together alone
And just lay low

I wanna end up nowhere on a map
A little cabin sittin’ so far back
Out in the country
Just the moon and stars
Are gonna know where we are

(Repeat Chorus)

Just lay low, slow it down
Girl, let’s go and get outta town
I wanna hear raindrops fallin’ down

(Repeat Chorus)

Just lay low

© 2014 EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Songs By Red Room; Sony/ATV Tree Publishing/Casa Jaco Music; Songs of Universal, Inc./Little Lola Mae Music, admin. by Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI)


  • Serena

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