Joel Crouse - "Don't Tell Me"

Written By Joel Crouse, Jamie Houston and James Dean Hicks. Produced by Jamie Houston. Released in August, 2014 by Show-Dog Universal.

Your door is locked girl and I deserve it

I’ve knocked, knocked till my hand is hurting sore

It’s just a quarter to four

I’m only late by 8 little hours

But I got a hand full of thirsty flowers

Now baby can’t we talk it out



You can tell me I’m a no good thoughtless jerk

That I’m a selfish, stupid loser

And make it hurt, make it hurt

Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll say that you’re right

And the only way I will be spending the night is

On this side of the door

But don’t tell me you don’t love me anymore


I ran into the guys on the way here

They were all shooting pool

And drinking cold beer hun

They only offered me one

Next thing I knew above` the crowd I heard last call

They ran us out

I left my keys and my phone on the bar

I had to walk this far




Open the door I’m beggin please

I’m out here on my knees

Baby, baby, I’m sorry




But don’t tell me you don’t love me anymore


© 2012 Stafford Road Music (BMI); Happy Cake Music (ASCAP); On The Mantel Music, administered by BPJ Administration (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission. International copyright secured.