David Nail - "Counting Cars"

Almost Midnight
Another one drives by
Sounds like a V8
Listen to it fade away
It ain't her that's for sure
Just another night

Watchin' headlights all night
Movin' 'cross the ceiling, prayin'
Slow down, turn low
I wish I was sleepin'
Instead of wonderin' where you are
Wide awake, countin' cars

There's nothin' like the sound
Of her wheels rollin' down
This old gravel driveway
Like she's done everyday
Comin' home girl, come on
I'm here join' crazy

Repeat Chorus

I wonder if she's drivin' by
Goin' 'round and 'round in circles
Wide awake

Repeat Chorus

Oh, countin' cars
Countin' cars