Eli Young Band - "Your Last Broken Heart"

Baby you've had your share of love that went nowhere
It start out honest then ends in broken promises
I know what you've been through but girl I promise you
I'm not gonna do what you think I'm gonna do no

Your last broken heart was your last broken heart baby
Say goodbye to goodbye
I ain't ever gonna change my mind
This is the part where our forever starts
So your last broken heart was your last broken heart
Yeah, your last broken heart

Just forget every tear drop that brought you here
Just let down your wall
I'll be your wrecking' ball
My love won't ever quit
So just get used to it
Seal it with a kiss
So you won't forget

Repeat Chorus

Hey, trust me when I say
I'll love you every single day
That won't ever change
That won't go away

Repeat Chorus

Your last broken heart, your last broken heart, yeah