Hunter Hayes - "In A Song"

The heart that I gave
The dreams that I made
With someone who don't care
The time that I wasted
The feelings I've chased
That just led me to nowhere

The sleepless nights
The drag-out fights
Yeah, the silence always won
The tears that I cry
The breaking inside
All the loneliness to come

Well, it's alright
This goodbye
Won't hurt me for too long
I'll be fine on my own
it takes some time
But I know That I Can find it where I belong
And I'll find it in a song

Yeah, this song's about freedom
Searching for new love
How Ignorance Is bliss
Yeah, I know that I'm not the only fool
Who's been hurt just like this

I'll sing about making honest mistakes
And heartaches I've gone through
Yeah, then I'll forgive
I won't have to forget
All the good things about you

Repeat Chorus

Well I'm sure If I had the chance to go back
i'd change more than I should
But knowing I can't
Is helping my chances of moving on for good
I'm not saying there won't be too many
Lonely nights
But the songs I choose getting over you
Help me make it out alive

Yeah, it's alright
This goodbye
It won't hurt me for too long
I can make it on my own
It takes some time
But I know that I
I can find where I belong
And i'll find it in a song
Yeah, I'll find it in a song