Sarah Darling - "Home To Me"

You look like Georgia
On a cool summer day.
Your smile hits me like
A breeze blowin’ off the lake.

You talk like Kansas
You can see to the horizon
There’s no place for
The words to hide
‘Cause you mean what you say
Mean what you say

Got a heart like Indiana
Laugh like Louisiana
Take me down to Alabama
Show me some of that laid back vibe
Kissin’, while we’re
Fishin’ in the moonlight
Shine like California
High like an Arizona noontime
Baby when you’re all mine
Anywhere, any place I go
You feel like home to me.
You feel like home to me.

Love’s taken me across the map,
All the way to hell and back.
Gave everything I had and I
Lost my mind a couple times
Met you and I was sure
I found the center of the universe
Hit the interstate fast and
Now I’m never looking back, no
Lookin’ back, lookin’ back oh no.


You feel like home


You feel like home
You feel like home to me