James Wesley - "Real (CRD)"

(Capo 3)

Intro.: | (Bm) (G) | (D) (A) | x 2e-

(G)Five-hundred channels and there (A)ain't much on to-(Bm)night (A)
But (G)reality shows about (A)some folk's so-called lives (Bm) (A)
A (G)pretty girl cries 'cause she (A)don't get a rose
But (D)she'll find (D/C#)love next (A/B)year (A)on her (G)own show
And they call that (A) real

(Bm)Real is a (G)hand you hold (D)fifty-seven (A)years
(Bm)Real is a (G)band of gold (D)tremblin' with (A)fear
It's the (G)first long tear down an old man's face, (A)watchin' his angel slippin' away
His (G)heart's so broke, it's never gonna (A)heal
I call that (Bm)real (G) | (D) (A) |

(G)Where I live, house-(A)wives don't act like (Bm) that (A)
And the (G)survivors are (A)farmers in John Deere (Bm) hats (A)
Our a-(G)mazin' race is (A)beatin' the check
(D)Prayin' (D/C#)that the (A/B)bank ain't (A)ran it (G)through yet (A)

(Bm)Real, like (G)too much rain (D)fallin' from the (A)sky
(Bm)Real, like the (G)drought that came a-(D)round here last Ju-(A)ly
It's the (G)damn boll weevils and the market and the weeds
The (A)prayer they're prayin' when they plant the seeds
And the (G)chance they take to bring us our next (A)meal
I call that (Bm)real | (G) | (D) | (A) |

(Bm)Real, like a (G)job you lose 'cause it (D)moves to Mexi-(A)co
(Bm) Like a (G)mama and a baby with (D)no safe place to (A)go
(Bm) Like a (G)little dream-house with a (D)big old foreclosed (A)sign
(Bm) Like a (G)flag-draped coffin and a (D)twenty-one gun good-(A)bye
I call that (Bm)real (G) | (D) (A)
Man, I call that (Bm)real (G) | (D) (A)
Oh, I call that (Bm)real (G) | (D) (A) |

Outro.: | (Bm) (G) | (D) (A) | (Bm) (G) | (D) (A) | (Bm) (G) | (D) (A) | (Bm) -----

Song interpretation by Koichi Kondo. For private personal/scholarly use only. Not intended for public performance.