Darren Kozelsky - "Somebody Find Me A Preacher"

Intro: (Em7) (G) (Em7) (G)

(Em7) Look at you sittin' on that (G) tailgate
(Em7) All barefoot, beautiful & (G) blue eyed
(Em7) Just watching you breathin's blowin' (G) me away
(C) All I can think about to(D)night

Somebody find me a (G) preacher-.
Somebody find me a (Em7) man with a bible who can tie a knot.
I (G) know what I got, I know who I love
(Em7) Track him down, wake him up
Right (C) here right now on this Dallas dirt
No (Am) long white dress no little white church
Just (C) you in your cutoff jeans & my old T-(D)shirt
Somebody find me a (Em7) preacher (G) (Em7) (G)

(Em7) Girl I can't wait another (G) whisper
(Em7) Something About You and this moonlight (G)kiss
(Em7) I ain't got no diamond here to (G) give ya
(C) But if this is how loving you (D) feels

Repeat Chorus

(F) I want to spend the rest of my (C) life
(F) Right Here Holding You, Lost in those(D)eyes
(No Chord)

Repeat Chorus