Dink Morgan - "Should Have Shot You When I Met You"

written by: Sanger D. Shafer

I can't count the times sweet heart you;ve walked out my door
Tellin' me you ain't ever coming back no more
But in a week or two you're back to break my cold heart one more time
Got to tell you my little darling about a thought that just cross my mind
Should have shot you when I met you
I'd be gettin'out about now
In a week or two with a brand new smile I'd be back out on the town
No I couldn't even kill a fly
To late any how
Should have shot you when I met you I'd be gettin' out about now
Now I sit home in prison girl while your out having fun
I've had a lot of time sweetheart to get some thinking done
Now one broken heart times ten adds up to at least a hundred years
By my own calculations I've saved pup a least a million tears