Moonshine Hangover - "For Real"

For Real
by Kris Stuart
from the Moonshine Hangover album Mulberry Squeezins

G-B-C-D X2
I seen you on the street today you smiled at me it felt like the First time
All I know and all I see I don't know why it comes from the inside
See your eyes and smell your hair and wonder if your near as scared as I

(Chorus) G-F-C-Bm/D
G/ F/ C/ Bm/D
I know It's wrong For me to get along
I see It's for me This time I cannot cheat
G/ F/ C (rest for 3 counts and back to the top on 1)
I know It's for real

Seven sons of Seven men who never thought they'd see the Seven Seas
All of them told me this thing, they said be a man don't be afraid to cheat
Seven Times I asked them why, I looked them in the eye and I said tell me

(Bridge)walking... G-F-Em-C
G F Em C
sometimes I cry
Sometimes I lie
Close my eyes, hang my head and I wonder why
No time to stop and think, just to shove it inside

Chorus X3 (sung once and jammed out 2 times)