Dolly Parton (Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) - "Romeo"

Come here baby
OH Baby
Girls check it out
Shape up girls

girl sing

A cross between a movie star and a hero in a book,
Romeo comes struttin' in and everybody looks
Cuz he's just got that special thang, that everybody needs
But everybody wants him, but not as bad as me

Hey Romeo, Where art Thou, get out here on the floor
I want to dance, you darlin', till you forget wherefore
Lets two step to a new step and keep it all in line
And we'll call this the Romeo, Cuz you're so mighty fine.

Romeo, Romeo, Romeo
Come dance with me
And that sexy little body beats all I've ever seen
I ain't ever seen a Cowboy look that good in jeans.

My temperature keeps risin' every time we meet
I may not be in love, but let me tell ya,
I'm in heat.

Romeo, Romeo, Romeo
I just know I'll get ya yet
Romeo, Romeo
I want to be your Juliet.

here he comes

boy sing

So step it high and step it low, step out and in
Step to the side, let it slide then steppin' up again
Step on toes, it all goes
Steppin' as you please.