Exile - "I Don't Want To Be A Memory"


(C) I don't want to be a (Am)mem -- ory --- (C) just a shadow in your (Am) mind

(C) I wanna be the one you always (F) need ---- not the (D) one --- you left (G)behind

(C) I don't want to be a (Am) notch in your handle --- (C) another love casual (Am) ty

So (C) lay back down and let's (F) talk it over ---- (D) cause I don't want to be a (F)mem--(G)--ry

(F)Don't you remember how it (C) used to be ---- (G)when we were so in (C)love

(F)We spent the nights in a (C) two-room pad ---- (D)drinking wine from a coffee(G)cup

(F)Making love was (C)so very easy ---- (G)we couldn't get (C)enough

(F)I never dreamed there would (C)come a time ---- when you'd (D)think about giving me (G) up


[MUSIC:] C Am C Am C F D C

(F)I know you've had other (C)lovers ----- but (G)that's all history(C)y

(F)I got to know-- that you'll (C) let me be the last one ---- to (D)share your compa (G)ny, oh yeah


(chorus-- fade out)