Hank Williams, Jr. - "Standing In The Shadows"

I know tat I'm not great
And some say I Imitate
Anymore I don't know
I'm just doing the best I can

After all, I'm standing in the shadows
Of a very famous man

As I travel around from town to town
I have a lot of Dad's fan's and friends come around
They say I know hank would be proud of you
If he were here today

Now well, we're all so glad
And we know he would be too
That you're carryin' on
His music this way

Yes, they say Hank was the all time great
And we know you'll be just as good as your dad
But I just smile and say there'll never be another Hank Williams Friends
That's the part that always makes them sad

Yes I know I'm not great
And some say, I imitate
Anymore I don't know
I'm just doing the best I can

It's hard standing in the shadows
of a very famous man

So many times when I'm on that stage
I feel something go through me
And for a minute I'm in a different world
And that's when It does something to me

The people are hollering and clapping real aloud
While I'm out they're taking my bows
I look up toward the ceiling and I say to myself
"Listen dad, just listen to that crowd"

But as the show goes on the people clap and holler more
I start singing another of your great songs
That's the time I know although you're gone
Your music will live on and on and on