Darryl Worley - "If Something Should Happen"

Capo 2nd Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (Bm) (G) (Bm) (G)

(D) Buddy, you and me go (F#m) way back
Camp Le(G)juene, all through (G/F#) high school and be(Em7)fore that
(A) So I don't mind tellin' you I'm (D) scared to death
(A) The doctor's goin' in on the (D) twenty-fifth
It's the (A/C#) same thing my (Bm) daddy had
Thank God they (G) caught it fast (Asus4) (A)

But if something should (G*) happ(G)en
Stop (G*) in sometime and (G) say hello to (D) Cather(Dsus2)ine
You and (D) Mary Ann could al(Dsus2)ways keep her (Em7) laughin'
(G) She's gonna need alot of (A) that
Take her out to a (G*) movi(G)e
It's gonna (G*) take some time be(G)fore she's back on (D) her (Dsus2) feet
I know you (D) think that I'll be (Dsus2) fine and I'm talkin' cr(Em7)azy
(G) But there's always that (A) chance (Asus4) (A)
That's why I'm (Em7) askin'
(A) If something should (Bm) happen (G)

(D) Little Nathan's growin' (F#m) up so fast
This (G) November he'll turn (G/F#) ten, he wants to play (Em7) quarterback
(A) I'm supposed to coach his (D) team this fall
(A) But, I may not get to (D) after all
He's gonna (A/C#) need someone to (Bm) catch a pass
And to (G) throw it back (Asus4)

If something should (G*) happ(G)en
(G*) Promise me you'll (G) take that boy out (D) camp(Dsus2)in'
And throw a (D) line out in the (Dsus2) water every (Em7) now and then
(G) Answer any questions that he (A) has
Maybe once he gets (G*) old(G)er
You could (G*) sit and have that (G) first cold beer to(D)geth(Dsus2)er
And tell (D) him a couple (Dsus2) stories on his (Em7) father
(G) He's always known you're my best fr(Asus4)iend (A)
That's why I'm (Em7) askin'
(A) If something should (G) happen

(A) I hope I live until I'm (D) 80
(A) And I get to see my son get (D) married
And have (D/C#) babies
And make a (Em7) million more (G/F#) memories with my (G) wife
Buddy, I (A) pray you're right
But, if it's (Em7) my time to (G/F#) leave, will you watch (G) over them for (A) me

(Bm) (G)

If something should (Bm) happen (G)
If something should (D) happen (G)
If something should (D) happen (G)

Repeat and fade out...